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Styling: Victoria Bain

The dutch model Annely Bouma, 26, has appeared in campaigns for Vivienne Westwood and is the face of Jill Sander. She grew up in Leeuwarden, a town in the north of Holland, lived in Australia for a few years, and these days is based between New York and London, mostly living out of a suitcase. For our jewellery shoot, Bouma travelled to the sand dunes of Gran Canaria. Here she shares a few of her favorite things.

Fashion: I don’t like shopping, but when I see something nice at a shoot I buy it afterwards. I’m a T-shirt-and-jeans-girl; I love my baggy Levi’s. But with clothes and material stuff I tend to think, what would I rather do: go on a trip or buy clothes? And usually a trip wins. I’d rather spend my money on experiences.

Beauty: You have only one skin so I take care of mine. I use face wash and day cream by Louis Widmer. A dermatologist once told me about it and I’ve been using it ever since. I always wear sunscreen and like all the body products from the Pure Figi brand., I’ve been wearing Dolce & Gabbana’s The One fragrance for years. One of my friends had it and then she moved and I missed the smell so much.

Exercise: Pilates and walking are how I like to exercise. When I’m in London I go to Tempo Pilates, which is a cardio workout as well. It makes you feel so strong and so toned. I also go to Barry’s Bootcamp when I need a fitness boost. I studied sports at university in Holland so I’m careful and know what I’m doing.

Guilty pleasure: I love food in general, but have a soft spot for chocolate; my favorite is Lindt’s dark chocolate with sea salt. I’m a big breakfast person; the best I’ve ever had was at Three Blue Ducks in sydney. Their muffins are absolutely amazing.

Music: I love live music. My favorite festivals are into the Great Wide Open and MadNes. Both take place on the island in the Netherlands.

Social media: I use instagram (@annelybouma) but I find it really sad that as a model your social media following is taken into account when you’re being cast for jobs, because it shouldn’t depend on that. I think clients should look at what girl suits their brand, not how many instagram followers she has.

Assets: My biggest luxury is that I’m really close to my parents. I’ve always had their support and I don’t think everybody has that. This job is a luxury too. It’s hard work, but it gives you a lot of opportunities to see the world, make money, and work with different people. It’s good life experience.

Credit: Telegraph Magazine
Credit: Telegraph Magazine
Credit: Telegraph Magazine
Credit: Telegraph Magazine